The Story of the Baby Raccoons

Something happened to me yesterday. Something that is still affecting me today. Not sure what the whole story means yet, but I feel that God spoke to me yesterday. He said, "never, ever, take one second for granted, because life is very short".

I took dinner to some church friends who just had a baby. On the way back, through a slightly wooded residential suburb, a car was stopped in the middle of the road. Frustrated, noticing the driver was an older man, my former Florida resident bias against elderly drivers kicked in and I was like "Go, on!" Until I noticed the three baby raccoons crossing the road right near their car.

I couldn't stop smiling. R. calls me "Molly Raccoon" as a pet name. The three babies reminded me of my own three boys. I actually clapped in delight.

Then, the car in front of me pulled forward, and I SAW THE CAR'S BACK TIRE RUN OVER TWO OF THE BABIES! It was awful! A lady from across the street came running over, and we were both very upset. The two babies were both dying, one hurt more than the other, and the one that was less hurt was licking and trying to comfort the faster-dying one. So sad.

Then, this big dude in a white truck came, and said, "Ladies, they're wild animals", and takes this sheet of hard clear plastic from his truck bed and scoops the pair to the side of the road.

Meanwhile, me and the lady try to find the sole survivor. He was making very sad and scared noises and hiding in the bushes. I had to go, because I had supper for another friend in the car as well, but I was heartbroken.

So I called my husband, crying. He said, "Did you not grow up in the country?"

Yes, I know raccoons are pests to farmers and gardeners alike, but those three babies were so cute, and I saw them die RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And how the one comforted the other. Death, right in my face.

Life is short.

"No Time for Blog, Dr. Jones"

Let's face it. I don't really have the time to keep my blog up, and I would much rather read other people's daily musings than my own. Escapism, per se.

However, I've been taking pictures like crazy, and maybe one day I will have time to post like I would like. So don't give up on me yet!