It's the Great Pumpkin

We had a great time at our local pumpkin patch on Saturday, although the giant hay climbing wall made me have an allergy attack all day Sunday. Which made me slightly grumpy (sorry, family!). We are planning to go with some friends to the apple orchard this Friday, but the weather is supposed to be nasty. We will have to pack a thermos of hot chocolate for sure.

I am reading some "crafting as a business" books I checked out from the library. I really feel God is calling me to get back to my crocheting. After all, it got me a cute husband and darling baby boys! I feel there is a market here in the 'burbs for the toys I make, and there are tons of craft shows around here in the fall. I need a year-long plan and I need to organize and get busy. Wish me luck!

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