I *heart* Valentine's Day

I love to celebrate Valentine's Day with the family. . .we usually try to do a bit of a theme day with them. I like doing this much more than going out for a "romantic" dinner with hubby. Honestly!

For breakfast, I made pink pancakes, heart-shaped eggs, and sausage:

I decorated the table with a pot of tulips T. picked out at Home Depot (frivolous, but fun) and heart cut-outs I made on the computer. I also put a heart-themed quilt over the banister to display the gifts for the guys:

I am very frustrated right now. . .why is it so hard to format on blogger? There has to be an easier way to post pictures that line up and format correctly within the post. And why do they not insert where you want them to? If anyone has any tips or tricks, please let me know. I want to post more, but the picture insertion is way too time-consuming! Thanks, M.

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